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There's several ways to stay up-to-date with the going-ons here at Alliteration Ink:

E-mail list: Join our e-mail list using this form..

Tumblr/News Page/RSS feed: Our RSS feed is powered by our Tumblr. Current events will often be posted here after they are posted to the e-mail list.

G+, Facebook, and Twitter: We've got G+, Twitter, and Facebook covered. These may have additional posts and information related to publishing that is not directly related to Alliteration Ink.

Contacting Alliteration Ink

If you have a specific question, toss me an e-mail at If you're just wanting to find out more about Steven Saus (me, the guy behind the company), you find out more at my personal page, but you can also read my blog, ideatrash.

submission guidelines

If you have questions about our submission guidelines for any of our existing projects, first check that project's page. While more of my projects are closed-invite at this time, I do maintain a list of authors I've worked with in the past. If you are interested in being on that list, query me about sending a portfolio or sample of your work. I talk extensively about a query I liked here.

As a general rule, I am not open to novel submissions as a publisher. If you insist, E-mail your query. I talk extensively about a query I liked here. Do NOT send any of the text.

I am interested in anthology proposals. You must have read Industry Talk by Jennifer Brozek (Amazon|B&N|Drive Thru Fiction) before pitching. Seriously. Read it, it's good and will make everything easier on us both. Detail the theme, if any, proposed length, editor, and any writers already attached to the project. Having an included tagline and elevator pitch will increase your chances of me being interested. Please take a look at my standard contract templates for a story in an anthology to get a sense of the financial model. E-mail your query. I talk extensively about a query I liked here.

If you wish to pitch a single-author collection of your work, please query with samples of your work.

Typically, I and editors I work with prefer RTF/OTF/DOCX format (I can read HTML and Markdown, my editors cannot) and something resembling standard manuscript format You will have better luck e-mailing the specific editor for each project unless it's about the business side of things.

financial questions

Please take a look at my standard contract templates to see what sort of rights I usually ask for and what kind of financial models I work with.

Typically, I ask for Exclusive First Worldwide print and digital for one year and non-exclusive anthology print and digital rights. I don't ask for rights I'm not explicitly planning to use; authors are typically encouraged to exploit other avenues (such as audio rights).

Assume first that I do not pay advances against royalties at this time. Exceptions may be made. Kickstarter is a great help there - please see my crowdfunding policies.

eBook conversion

While Alliteration Ink continues to be a publisher, I ceased providing publishing services to the public on 31 December 2013 under any imprint or name. It is still very important that you understand the difference between what a publisher does and what publishing services are. That explanation has been moved to its own page at

I no longer provide eBook conversion for hire. Thank you for your interest.

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