See No Evil, Say No Evil

See No Evil, Say No Evil

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Tags: Matt Betts

Killer Shark? Check.
Godzilla? Check.
Robots? Check.
Bigfoot? Check.
Elvis? Check.

What more could you want in your poetry? Rhymes?

Praise for See No Evil, Say No Evil

"...some fine examples of speculative poetry that manage to cut a razor's edge between funny and poignant without alienating a reader." Aaron Polson, SkullSaladReviews

"There is good poetry out there. Poetry that does not have its head inserted rectally, yet still possessing the intellect and heart to provide continued interest. Case in point: Matt Betts." Anton Cancre, HorrorNewsNet

Matt Betts is a former radio personality whose fiction and poetry appears in numerous publications. He writes a column and blogs for Blood, Blade and Thruster Magazine and writes a monthly column for the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers’ newsletter. He can be found at his own site at He’s ok putting his left arm in, but shaking it all about makes him nauseous.


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