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Streets of Shadows

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You think you're safe. What a joke.

You don't think about the places you pass every day. The side streets. The alleys. Under bridges. The shadows.

All you'd have to do is take a step to the side.

Then you'd know.

Life on the streets ain't easy. It takes someone tough like me to survive. Danger lurks in the shadows. Yeah, there's muggers and gangs. Sometimes you get zombies, vampires, and ghouls. And if you're real unlucky, you run into the scary stuff.

Whether it's the dirty streets of Detroit, the paved-over cobblestones of London, or the patched asphault of your hometown, people like me are all that stand between death and your door.

Our world isn't made up of parks and malls. Our world is the streets, covered in shadows.

These are our stories.

From the editorial team that brought you Dark Faith comes Streets of Shadows, a collection of urban fantasy crime noir.


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