Staying in Touch

There's several ways to stay up-to-date with the going-ons here at Alliteration Ink:

E-mail list: Join our e-mail list using this form..

Tumblr/News Page/RSS feed: Our RSS feed is powered by our Tumblr. Current events will often be posted here after they are posted to the e-mail list.

G+, Facebook, and Twitter: We've got G+, Twitter, and Facebook covered. These may have additional posts and information related to publishing that is not directly related to Alliteration Ink.

Contacting Alliteration Ink

If you have a specific question, toss me an e-mail at If you're just wanting to find out more about Steven Saus (me, the guy behind the company), you find out more at my personal page, but you can also read my blog, ideatrash.


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