Submission Policy


Alliteration Ink wishes to publish the best stories from all authors, of all walks of life. To ensure we are meeting that goal, I must gather demographic information about those who submit to open calls.

This policy outlines and limits the ways in which Alliteration Ink will gather and use information about submitters.


Authors who submit via an open call for submission will be invited to participate in a survey.

Participation in the survey will be voluntary.

Participation or refusal to participate will not impact the acceptance or rejection of any submission to Alliteration Ink.

Information from the survey will not be shared with the individuals selecting stories.

Protection of Privacy

No identifying information (e.g. name, IP address, story title) will be requested as part of the survey process.

Individual survey responses will only be seen by the researcher.

Only aggregate data will be released.

Information Requested

The following demographic information will be requested as write-in answers:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Ethnic group/Race
  • Religious or spiritual identification
  • Country of current residence
  • Number of short stories submitted
  • Number of short stories published
  • Number of professional writer’s organizations

The following information will be requested as a multiple choice question with a write-in option:

  • How the submitter learned of the call for submissions

Handling Of Results

Aggregate results will be made available to the public.

These results will be used to determine if further outreach is needed in order to gain submissions from any particular group of writer. For example, if the submissions are skewed toward first-time submitters, the publisher will conduct further research to gain more submissions from more experienced writers.


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