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Eighth Day Genesis

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You want to build a world. Twenty authors want to help.


It begins when you can close your eyes and see a world of your own making.

It might start from a grain of sand, the way light filters through the trees, the feel of satin robes, the smell of cooking soup, or simply a wish for somewhere, somewhen else. It happens for different reasons for different people. Something, anything can pull your mind from the boundaries of our mundane world and set it to creating somewhere else.

Featuring Maurice Broaddus, Tim Waggoner, Matthew Wayne Selznick, Donald J. Bingle, Janine Spendlove, Bryan Young, and fifteen more authors, these essays range from crafting believable ecosystems, creatures, and legal systems to the ways you can most effectively share your world with your audience.

Eighth Day Genesis is meant to help writers, gamemasters, and other creatives with their worlds. The depth of your world is important…even essential. Worlds should be able to be touched, smelled, seen, and heard. Each of these things is vital to creating reality. The smallest details can illuminate volumes. It is surprising what details with bring forth entire feelings, associations, and images. Stereotypes can be broken, archetypes deviated from, and wonder spilled forth like gossip from an old friend.


This book will help you fill in those details and create the world you've always imagined.


We look forward to enjoying the worlds you create.


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