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Recompose #1: Tropospheric Scofflaw

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Featuring Alasdair Stuart, Jaymee Goh, Janice Leach, Sara Cleto, Brittany Warman, Kelly Stewart, Bruce Boston, Alessandro Manzetti, and Katherine Heath Shaeffer with art by Courtney Vice.

This journal is aimed for so-called "interstitial" works - short fiction and poetry that are too literary for genre, too genre for literary. Works that push the boundaries of both.

This is not a place for pretentious self-involved literary works, nor is it a place for flat genre. This is a place where metaphors exist alongside magic, where synecdoche occurs in space, where elves pen ekphrastic poems of Pickman's paintings.

This is a place where the literary and the weird combine to create something more.



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