So You Want to Make an eBook?

So You Want to Make an eBook?

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Every author needs to have the toolneeded to control the way their work appears. A professional eBook converter and author walks you through creating a perfectly formatted eBook from your existing manuscript using free tools. Written for the average person, you're given the information you need to get the job done - and references to find out more if you're curious.

You'll often hear people talk about using an automated program to convert to eBooks, and say it's good enough. Heck, I thought that too. What I - and so many others - have found, is that no automated converter is perfect. We've found that knowing how to make an eBook by hand gives us control when the programs don't co-operate.

Whether you use another converter or an automated system (like Smashwords), I think it's vital that authors have a reference in order to maintain control over their own work.

It's like having the manual for doing an oil change on your car. Even if you always go to SpeedyWombatLube, having that choice - and the knowledge on how to fix your car if they screw up or go out of business - is real power.

I wrote this book to be accessible to a computer-literate (but not guru, wizard, or sysadmin) level. I avoid lots of obscure technical details, but walk you through the steps to do a basic conversion using free tools - and show you where references are to find out more yourself.


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